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Are you struggling with a certain area of your life?   Do you want to move some kilos? Or let go of a past hurt so you can move forward? Is quitting smoking a priority for you so you can improve your health? Are you having trouble sleeping? Maybe you want to get free of anxiety, or get more confidence? Stop relying on willpower to get you through. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool and can help you.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I can help you, through the powerful tool of hypnotherapy, to ditch whatever is holding you back in life, and move forward in a big way. Now is the best time to change your life, so go ahead and make an appointment.

I have helped countless people change their current situations in just one session, and I can possibly help you too. Past hurts, smoking, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, insomnia, health rejuvenation, motivation, pain elimination and more…  Hypnotherapy can help you in just about any avenue you are struggling with.

“If you want something you have never had, do something you have never done”…..


What some clients have had to say about Hypnotherapy with Zoe

  • “Hi Zoe, I’m feeling really good. It’s weird; I’m excited about stuff, and I haven’t felt like $h!t food since I saw you for the session. I have even been to the gym, and I feel like a different person. My clothes are getting loose; so much energy. People have been asking if I’m alright! It’s just amazing – I don’t even feel like crap food! I can’t thank you enough. You are awesome at what you do! ” Donna, Wee Waa NSW


  • “I have been so lucky and successful in both my personal and professional life. So I could not understand why I was not truly happy, I had lost my self-confidence and felt really over weight. Hypnosis with Zoe put the ball back in my court, and gave me the tools to deal with the stresses in my life. Rather than using my old crutches such as food and alcohol, I now feel totally in control. I would recommend these sessions to anyone. During the session I have never felt more relaxed.”   GM. (name changed for privacy)


  • “I went to see Zoe for hypnotherapy because I was looking for a ‘quick fix’. At the age of 40 I found I was putting on weight and it wasn’t shifting with exercise. I was feeling really disappointed in myself and even self conscious most of the time about my changing body. I have a far-from-healthy diet, but I wasn’t interested in doing any weight loss programs – I just wanted to see if hypnosis would would work for me if I didn’t change what I was doing or eating so much. Well, it was great. I’ve lost 5kg in just a few months, and I no longer even feel like eating chips and drinking beer like I used to do every day. I don’t need my willpower to stay away from unhealthy foods – it just comes naturally.” Kathy, Tamworth NSW


  • “In November I got hypnosis to help me with my weight lost journey after loosing 30 kgs I was finding it hard to get the last bit of weight off. After I great session with Zoe she made me feel so comfortable. I left feeling so different that I was craving foods I normally would like ice cream and chips I was wanting vegetables and chicken and healthy options. I was worried doing this close to Christmas that I might wreck it but I didn’t crave anything bad. I started at 85 kgs now down to 81 in just over six weeks.” Rochelle, Tamworth NSW


  • “37 days as a non smoker. Couldn’t have done it without Zoe swain. 
    Loving the green apples and water. Can feel massive changes in my health.
    Thanks Zoe your a legend.” Norm, Gunnedah NSW

Contact me now to ask if Hypnotherapy will work for you.

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