This is a journey of awakening and arousing you to the potency of your power as a modern man. Tantra. There’s a burning desire inside you to unlock your potential as a man and as a lover isn’t there? Do you know you are far more powerful than you have ever been told? Are you feeling shut down in your love and frustrated in your sex? I understand, and I can help. Have you ever felt safe to be seen in all of your shades? Your masculine, your feminine, your soft, your strong, your rage, your surrender…? Your sexual desire? It never feels safe does it? Tantra can allow all of this for you. The modern man has to be so strong, steadfast, and it can be a shaming experience to even think to delve into his feelings or desires…. But part of tapping into your power as a man is embracing all of you. The dark, the light; the joy and love; and the shadow and fear. When a man can access these parts of himself and feel comfortable in his own skin, only then can he access his sexual power to the fullest. When he is comfortable with the ‘real’ him, then he can step into the fully integrated man that he is capable of being. The warrior who knows his strength and his worth, and brings his heart into his lovemaking experiences.

That’s a man that all men want to be, and all women want to be with. 

Over a series of a few tantra sessions, I take you on a journey of embracing your desires and accessing your heart so that you can see yourself and your lover in a different light. Through communication, exercises and tantric practices, I work with you around:

  • letting go of past hurts
  • stepping into your full power as a man
  • how to honour and love your partner
  • navigating a woman’s body with more presence and confidence
  • the ability to access your heart and ‘feel’ again
  • learn tools to last longer sexually
  • the art of using your sex to access more energy and strength in your body
  • experiencing multi-orgasmic states
  • Learn to harness and be empowered by your sexuality
  • Deepen your ability to feel and express feelings
  • Learn ways that support you to be more erotically activated and attractive

This is an opportunity to receive a deep mentorship experience from me over three or four sessions.



Maybe you’re new to working with me (and just want to dip your toe in gently), or we have history and you just want a check in with a support session. This option is perfect to explore the foundations of being an erotically empowered being or just to recharge and get some clarity and guidance and support.


  • Get clear on your intention, wants, desires
  • Explore meditation, visualization or an embodiment process
  • You will receive a task to anchor the changes into your life


After our initial 50 minute consult, we can delve into further sessions together to explore tantra, for you.
3 x 90 minute PRIVATE TRANSFORMATIONAL TANTRA SESSIONS These are available to purchase in a package at a reduced price, or simply pay and book as you go. You can send me an enquiry below to book.


If you have questions about the above tantra sessions or would like to discuss a booking, go ahead and send a request below for more information. I will answer your request quickly, with a more detailed outline of the sessions, pricing and availability. The first session will be 50 minutes via phone, skype or sometimes face to face, during which we can really get clear on what we will be working to achieve, as well as your desires and goals for the sessions. It is important to me that we are both on the same page and are working together towards YOUR desires, with open communication and clear boundaries on both sides.
You are welcome to bring your partner to these sessions and I can work with you both to build connection together through tantra practices, after initially having one or two sessions with you privately.

If you are a woman and would like to see if this could help your relationship with your man, feel free to contact me and we can discuss working together also. I love to work with women.

Requires no genital touch to receive the gifts of these teachings. We work at the pace you are comfortable with and clear boundaries are essential for everyone involved. This is not a sex service, and ‘happy endings’ will be metaphorical only (no rub and tug services). The bliss and body awareness you feel after a session will far outweigh the physical relief of a happy ending.

Private Sessions are conducted at my private consult room in Kotara, NSW 2289, but skype/phone sessions are available in all states and countries.


 Here’s what one of my clients had to say about his first session.
 WOW!!!!! After attending a Tantra session with Zoe I was amazed at how much I was missing out on in regards to the feelings associated with sex. In the session she explained and demonstrated some breathing techniques that can be used whilst having sex or by yourself that makes having an orgasm so much more fulfilling and pleasurable without actually even ejaculating (for men)! My sex life has gone to a new level since that first session and I will be booking in again for another one asap as I’m sure there is so much more I can learn!! She also works with couples as well. Thanks again Zoe.

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